Tips to Enjoying Your Own Party


When you plan a party, you likely want every detail to be planned out perfectly. You want to make sure your attendees like the food, the atmosphere, the music, the decor, and everything else. As the party planner, or host, you want to make sure that you are providing your friends and family with a good time!

That is a lot of pressure and can lead to more stress than you need. While planning a party is stressful on its own, the party itself should not be! You should be able to enjoy the party you planned so carefully and have a good time with the people around you, without worrying. But we know that is hard to do. You worry about whether or not you have enough food, if the music is right for the type of party, if everyone is having a good time, and how you can make it better.michael-discenza-199756-unsplash (1)

This is no way to enjoy a party! When you plan a party, you should be enjoying it with all of your guests. At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we want you to be able to enjoy any party you plan. We want to give you some tips that can help you enjoy your party and worry less about the things that you can’t change.

Choose the Right Guests

Based on the type of party you are having, you will want to choose your guests wisely. There are some parties that you will have less control over the guest list, such as an office party or fundraising gala. But when you do have the option of choosing, pick the people who will help make your party fun! We all have friends who are relaxed and go with the flow, we also have friends who are more picky and may be harder to please. The guests can really set the tone for the party, so think about that when you start planning.

Don’t Worry About What You Can’t Change

During your party, things may go wrong. It happens, just like it does in life. There are just some things that are simply out of your control and realizing that can help you relax a little. As long as you plan your party well, you should be able to avoid any issues that could have been prevented, but when problems occur that are out of your control, it is important to remember that there is nothing you could have done. Being aware of what could and could not have been prevented will allow you to enjoy your party more.

Take a Moment

During the party, you may find yourself more stressed out than you’d like to be. If this is the case and you find yourself not enjoying the party, take a moment to yourself. Step outside or into a quiet room and just de-stress. Sometimes this is necessary and can be very helpful! If you find yourself worrying about the little details more than you are enjoying the party, slip away, get some peace and quiet, and take a few deep breaths. When you re-enter the room, make sure you don’t start worrying again. If you need to, find someone to talk to and have them keep you distracted until you get back into the party mood.

Don’t Worry About Everyone Elsekelsey-chance-575535-unsplash (3) (1)

When you worry about your guests and whether or not they are having a good time, you are enjoying the party less yourself. Don’t worry about your guests, this will only stress you out more. There are always a few people at every party that will not be having a good time, but it is because of who they are, not how your party is! If everyone else seems to be having a good time, you can take that as a good sign. However, you should worry less about your guests and simply have fun.

Pick The Right Venue

When you are planning your party, choosing the right venue can help to make it more enjoyable for you! Take Amaseena for example. Our party event venue can make your job easier and allow you to spend more time enjoying your party. Not only is our venue beautiful and luxurious, but you will have less planning to do in general. We have in-house chefs and bartenders that will take care of the food and drinks for you! All you have to do is pick the food you want and we can take care of the rest! This will help make the planning easier and allow you to focus on different details.

Throughout your party, we will also have staff in the area to help ensure everything is going smoothly. This will allow you to leave any issues to us while you sit back and enjoy the awesome party you planned at Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge.

If you are in the process of planning a party and still need a venue, be sure to contact us! We will be happy to answer any questions!

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