Tips For Planning Your Event


As you plan an event, there are a lot of things you need to consider and make decisions on. Whether you are planning a birthday party, a corporate event, a fundraiser, an anniversary party, or any other type of event, there will be a lot to plan. While some people love planning these types of events, there are others who get stressed out about the endless list of tasks that need to be done in order to prepare for the event.

We understand that planning an event for a hundred people or more can be stressful, which is why we are going to make it a bit easier for you. At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we know what it takes to make an event extra special and exceptional. We are a luxury event venue that can help take your event and escalate it to the next level.

We also know everything that goes into planning an event and how stressful it can be. That is why we are going to give you some pieces of advice to help make the planning process simpler for you. In this blog, you will find tips for planning your next event. Read on to learn more and get started planning today.

Get the Guest Listdreamstime_xxl_91291380

As you start planning your event you will first want to think about the guests. How many people will you invite? How many are your expecting to show up? Some event types will include more guests. Corporate parties will likely be double what your staff is since more events allow for a plus one. Anniversary parties may be a little smaller and more intimate since you are likely to only invite close friends and family to celebrate with you. Finalizing your guest list before you start planning all the other details can help to make the rest of the decisions simpler.

Plan the Theme

Planning the theme of the party can be simple or it can be trickier to decide upon. If you are planning a holiday party, the theme decorations will likely be centered around that holiday. If you are planning a birthday party or a fundraiser, the theme and style of the party can be slightly more difficult to figure out. But it doesn’t have to be! Plan what you want the look of your event to be and plan from there. Do you want it to be simple and elegant? Pick one color to add accents of throughout the party. Do you want it to be charming and sweet? Add light colors and flowers to the party.

Choose the Food

The food that you have at your event can make or break your party. You want the cuisine to wow your guests and keep them satisfied all night long. Picking the entrees and appetizers may seem like an easy decision, but once you see all of the delicious and endless catering options that you have to choose from, you will be overwhelmed.

At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, your decision will be easier. We have an in-house chef that can create a custom menu for your event. Our chef is experienced and can make you a variety of cuisine types including Mediterranean, Indian, Chinese, and other dish styles. While it may be hard to pick just one, you can expect to have delicious appetizers and entrees at your event that you and your guests will love.

Knowing how many guests will be attending your event is important when you choose your menu. You will want to get enough food for everyone but have a bunch of food left over that goes to waste.

Choose the Venue19400275_1576878979052006_4761988693106331120_o

The venue is one of the most important pieces of your event. While you could host a backyard event, choosing a venue that is unique, beautiful, and special can really give your event a special feel. Imagine hosting a 30-year anniversary party in your backyard. And then imagine hosting that special anniversary in a location that is beautiful, elegant, intimate, and different from any other venue.

While the venue may not seem like the most important part of the event, it can truly change the overall feel and vibe of the event. If you are hoping to plan an event that is classy, elegant, and special, choose a venue that resembles that.

Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect venue choice for your next event. Our event venue in Granada Hills has the classy, style, and additional features that make it extra special. Our staff, chef, and accommodations can help make your event exactly how you pictured it. We can host events with up to 200 guests!

If you are starting to plan your next event, be sure to take a look at Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge. Our luxury event venue could take your party to the next level. Contact us today to learn more and be sure to fill out the form on our home page to check for availability.

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