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As a couple, you may think that the most important and special moment in your relationship is your wedding day. While your wedding was a beautiful moment, in which you vowed to stick by each other’s side and love each other unconditionally, there are other milestones that you should celebrate with your significant other.

Anniversaries are important in a marriage. They mark the years you have spent together. They mark happiness, hard times, laughter, life changes, adventures, and simply living — together. In today’s day and age, marriage is more sacred than ever. Divorce is something we are all, unfortunately, used to, which makes longer marriages so special. When we hear that a couple has been happily married for 50 years, we are amazed, wondering what their secret is and how we can find that type of love as well.

This is why anniversaries are important to celebrate and one of the most special moments in a marriage. Especially at 50th anniversary. That is 50 years spent together, as a family. That is something many people may never experience and it deserves to be celebrated in the grandest of ways.

At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we can help you celebrate this milestone in your marriage. Our luxury event venue is the perfect setting for an intimate, sophisticated, and special evening surrounded by friends and family. There are many reasons to celebrate your 50th anniversary. While you may want to enjoy some time alone with your spouse, we are going to convince you otherwise. Read on and get ready to celebrate your love in style.

Enjoy The Momentdreamstime_xxl_3916948

When you get married, you want all of your friends and family to be there, celebrating your love with you. Why is it any different when it comes to your anniversary? Why not celebrate with your loved ones? You will only have one 50th anniversary with your soulmate, so enjoy it with a party. We all think of love on a wedding day, but after 50 years of marriage, there is more love than ever before. This time will come and go and you are going to want to remember it. Throw a party with those closest to you, so you can enjoy an evening surrounded by love.

Proof of Love

For many people who have ever been in a failed relationship, the thought of love seems fake and pointless. But then there are couples like you and your spouse. That is a love that can make someone believe in love again. It is a breath of fresh air seeing a couple still madly in love after 50 years. That is something that can bring join to those around you. People are likely to ask you for your advice on how to make it work and how you two have been sticking together for 50 years. Tell them everything you can and share your wisdom and love with those around you! A celebration of love is something that needs to be done more often, and not just during weddings.

Because You Can

While you can simply go to a romantic dinner or make a dinner at home and share an intimate evening together, it is very likely you have done that every year. Or perhaps you have gotten to the point of not really celebrating your anniversary and rather just exchanging small gifts. While there is nothing wrong with that, we think that you should celebrate the love you two have shared for over 50 years. Not many people can make love last this long and it is something worth sharing with those around you. You have a choice of how you celebrate your anniversary. Choose something special and exciting, you may not get the chance to do it again. And we promise, you won’t regret it.

There are many reasons to plan a party for your 50th anniversary. These are a few of the main reasons, which have hopefully help you see our point and decide to celebrate 50 years of love with friends and family. Continue reading and we will give you tips for planning your anniversary party. If you are planning an anniversary party for your parents, sibling, or someone else you know, these tips can help you as well!

The Size

Fiftieth anniversaries can be a lot more intimate than a wedding. Or they can be large and exciting. If you want an intimate party, choose close friends and family members. Don’t invite coworkers, neighbors who barely know the couple or people they may have lost touch with. If you want a larger party, it could be a great idea to send an invitation to these old acquaintances. They will love seeing how much your love has grown and will be happy to celebrate this relationship milestone with you. Once you decide on the size, you can start inviting those closest to you.

Pick a Datedreamstime_4139061

You will likely want to pick a date right around the actual date of the anniversary. This will make the celebration even more special and help you feel as though you truly are celebrating your love. However, the date of the party does not have to be the same as the anniversary. You could plan it a week or two later or choose another important date, like the day you got engaged, the day you met, or the day you first said, “I love you.” If you are planning an anniversary party for a couple you have a few options. If you are planning a surprise anniversary party, try to avoid doing it on that date. The couple will likely have plans and you do not want to ruin their plans to make your work. Talk to them to get an idea of when they are free without giving the surprise away.

Choose Vendors

You will need to choose a food vendor, a photographer (if you want photos of this special celebration), a florist, and possibly entertainment if you want a band to play at the party. You will also need to order a cake, buy decorations, find a caterer, and make decisions on any other details you want to include. This is more than a simple celebration, it is a celebration of love and will take a lot of work to make it perfect. While it is not as much work as a wedding, it will have similar plans that will need to be arranged. But it is worth every last detail. This is a love that has lasted for 50 years and will continue long after this party.

Choose a Venue

Choosing a venue shouldn’t be difficult, especially when Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge in throwing in the mix. This is a luxurious, elegant, intimate, and beautiful event venue that is perfect for the small and intimate anniversary party. Plus, we can take care of many of the vendor tasks for you. We have our own chef that can create custom dishes for you and your guests. Our chef can make masterpieces that are tasty and unique. We also have a professional staff to help host your event, making it easier for you and the guest to relax and enjoy this celebration of love. You will also have access to our bartenders, which will be able to keep the party fun and exciting!

If you are planning a 50th-anniversary party, be sure to plan it with Amaseena. We can provide you with a classy, luxurious, and beautiful event venue that comes with many features. Celebrate 50 years of love with us. Contact us to learn more.

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