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As you plan your event, you will want to find an event venue that can accommodate your needs, style, and vision for the event. Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge is a luxury banquet hall that can host any event in Granada Hills!

When you plan an event, there are many things that go into to overall success. From the food and drinks to the music and decor, everything plays an important role in the outcome of your event. But one aspect that can really make or break your event is the venue.

The venue you choose to host your event can set the tone of the evening, create the perfect ambiance, and make your event one to remember. Finding the right venue doesn’t have to be difficult, but it is important, especially if you want to get the most out of your event. No matter what type of event you are planning, Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge in Granada Hills is the perfect choice.

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Amaseena is an event venue that is perfect for your smaller events. We offer a beautiful atmosphere, a luxurious style, and everything you need to make your event better than you imagined. Our venue is perfect for a variety of event types, and we would love to help you create the perfect atmosphere for your event.

There are certain events that we host more than others, but we would love to host yours, no matter what type of event it may be!

Our Favorite Event Types

We would be happy to host your event, no matter what type it is! There are a few event types we focus on more than others, but that does not limit us!


Anniversaries  •  Baby Showers  •  Birthday Parties  •  Bridal Shower  •  Corporate Events  •  Quinceañeras  •  Weddings

& Other Events

No matter what celebration, party, or event you are planning, our venue can host it for you and create a space that will make your event even better. Contact us to check our availability and start planning your event.


Anniversaries are special. They are used to celebrate years that have passed by and what is yet to come. When you think of an anniversary, you may automatically assume a wedding anniversary. But there are many different anniversary types that can be celebrated! Whether it is a wedding anniversary, company anniversary, or a celebration of some milestone in your life, these moments are exciting times and generally call for a celebration.

At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we can make your anniversary amazing. Our intimate and beautiful setting can make this moment even more special for you, your friends, and loved ones.

The luxurious feel, delicious food options, and professional staff can create the best atmosphere for you to celebrate this major event in your life. When you choose Amaseena as the venue for your anniversary, you will choose an evening to remember, making your anniversary even more special.

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Baby Showers

Welcoming a child into the world is a big deal, which means you have every reason to throw a big party. When you are planning a baby shower, you may think to plan it at home. But finding a beautiful and intimate event venue can make this celebration even more exciting and save you the stress of planning out every last detail.

Our space is perfect for 200 people, while this may be large for a baby shower, it gives you the opportunity to enjoy a space that will not be overcrowded or hard to mingle with everyone. Invite your friends, family, co-workers, and anyone else who wants to celebrate the new addition to the family to enjoy a beautiful and memorable evening.

We can help you create the perfect setting for your baby shower with colorful balloons, fun baby decorations, and everything you need to celebrate your little bundle of joy with the people you love the most. Plan your baby shower at Amaseena to enjoy an unforgettable evening.

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Birthday Parties

As you make another journey around the sun, there is one thing to do — celebrate! Amaseena can help you celebrate your birthday in style with an event venue that you will love. Make this the year you truly celebrate your birthday and go all out with our luxurious venue, eye-catching decorations, and food that will keep all of your guests satisfied!

Amaseena if a great place for birthday parties because it can cater to any theme and style of party you are looking to achieve. Do you want a party that is elegant and classy? Do you want a party that resembles a private nightclub? Or maybe you want a simple party at a stunning venue. Amaseena is the perfect choice.

If you are planning a surprise party, this is a great place to host it! We can help you prepare the venue and plan the meals and decorations. Your friend will be amazed at the beautiful location and that you pulled off such a beautiful surprise party. We guarantee they will love it and the location you chose.

Whatever type of birthday party you are planning, Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge is the place to do it!

Bridal Showers

Saying yes to the love of your life is exciting, almost as exciting as all the fun gifts you will get at your bridal shower! Bridal showers are a fun way to celebrate your new engagement with all of the ladies in your life. These parties are like an adult tea party and we know you want one that is fancy, elegant, and beautiful!

Which is why you should choose Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge as your bridal shower venue! Our event venue is gorgeous and perfect for your bridal shower. It is big enough to invite all of your friend and family, but small enough to create the intimate atmosphere you want at a bridal shower.

Our luxurious venue will bring your bridal shower to the next level. We can create the perfect set up for you and help provide you with the style you truly want. Celebrate in style as a bride-to-be with the people closest to you!

Corporate Events

Corporate events are a great way to keep your employees excited and to celebrate different milestones your company reaches. Whether you are planning a company Christmas party, a party to celebrate beating your yearly goals, or a 10-year anniversary party, Amaseena can provide you with the perfect venue.

Our venue accommodates for 200 people, making it the perfect location for corporate events for small businesses or branches of a company. When you choose Amaseena, you will get a beautiful venue that can be arranged to fit your needs and the purpose of your event. We can help you create the best atmosphere and ensure all of your employees have a great time.

No matter what type of corporate event you are planning, let Amaseena host it! We can help you create a sophisticated dinner party for your business or a fun and fancy silent auction. Whatever you are looking for, we can provide it with our beautiful venue.

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If you plan on celebrating your own or your daughter’s quinceañera you want it to be a celebration to remember. Quinceañeras are an important event in a woman’s life and they are generally lavish affairs. This is why Amaseena is the perfect locations for your quinceañera.

Our luxurious event venue can create a sophisticated, elegant, and fancy ambiance that will fit perfectly for your celebration. Along with beautiful decorations, exquisite food made by our professional chef, and the perfect layout, Amaseena will help make your quinceañera better than you could have imagined.

Enjoy a venue that is unlike any other. Our Granada Hills venue will allow you to have a 15th birthday celebration that includes all of your friends, family, and loved ones, while continuing to have a more intimate feel.

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At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we love weddings! Wedding are fun to host because there are endless possibilities and so much joy that goes into planning these celebrations of love. When you are planning your wedding, think about what type of wedding you want.

Whether you want a larger wedding or a smaller ceremony, Amaseena can provide you with the space you need. We can host up to 200 people, allowing you to choose the wedding size you truly want. Our elegant event venue will give your wedding an intimate feeling and can be decorated to fit your style.

If you are looking for an indoor wedding venue that offers a sophisticated feel and beautiful space, Amaseena is the perfect choice for you and the love of your life to say “I do.”

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Other Events

At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge in Granada Hills, we can host any event. Our gorgeous event venue will enhance your event, no matter what type of event you are planning. The events listed above are some of our most popular events, but we can host so many different types of events. From engagement parties and family reunions to graduations and more, we can cater to your needs and help you create the perfect event.

If you have a unique event that you are unsure we can host, be sure to call us! We will answer any questions you have and book our venue for your event. We can help create the perfect environment for your birthday party, bridal shower, quniceañera, graduation, corporate event, family reunion, and any other event you are planning.

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Reasons to Choose Our Event Venue

Why should you choose Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge as the venue for your next event? We are glad you asked! Learn what we have to offer and how our event venue can be the right choice for you.

event 1In-House Chef

When you choose Amaseena, you will not have to find a caterer as well. We provide an in-house chef that can create a menu specifically for your event. Choose from Mediterranean cuisines, Indian food, or any other entrees and food type that you want to be included at your event. You will love anything our chef has to create!

event 2Bartenders

We will also provide a bartender at your event, enabling you to worry about one less plan to make for your event. Our bartenders will go above and beyond to ensure you and your guests are having a great time.

Caring Staff

Hosting your event at Amaseena also means that you will have a caring and attentive staff that will be ready to help whenever you need it. This will give you time to enjoy the event and save you from worrying about the little details.

A Beautiful Space

Not only will you get a caring and professional staff when you choose Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, but you will also get an absolutely beautiful and luxurious atmosphere. You will love our venue and how we can transform it to fit your style, vision, and needs.

Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect place to host your next event. Whether you are planning a wedding, surprise party, corporate event, or any other type of celebration or event, we can help you make it even more special. Enhance your event by choosing Amaseena as your venue! We can create the best experience, atmosphere, and space for your party. We would be honored to host any event you are planning and we know you will love your time with us.