Birthday Party Venues

headerYour birthday should be a time to celebrate. After surviving another year, it is time to let loose, relax, and throw a party that everyone will remember. During your birthday this year, celebrate in style and plan your party at our Granada Hills event venue!

Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge is the perfect venue for every event, especially birthday parties. Our luxurious and elegant venue will create the perfect setting for your next birthday party. Gone are the days when you celebrate coming into this world with a barbecue, homemade cake, and boring party games. At Amaseena, you can take your birthday to the next level and celebrate unlike you ever have before! Our professional staff will work to ensure your party goes as planned, allowing you to celebrate your birthday.

Whether you are planning your own birthday or planning a party for someone else, Amaseena is the perfect venue choice. Once you decide to use our event venue, planning is simple! Read the tips below and start planning this birthday party.

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If you are planning your own birthday party, choosing a date around the same time as your birthday is generally the best way to go. Think about what day you want your birthday party to be on. Do you want it in the middle of the week as a fun break in the work-week? Or maybe you want to plan a weekend birthday, allowing you to have the time of your life and not worry about tomorrow. You will also need to pick the time of day you want your party, do you want a brunch style party or a late-night club setting?

If you are planning a party for someone else, the date of the celebration may not fall in the same time frame as their actual birthday. Planning a surprise party can be fun, but when you pick a date, you want it to be somewhat random, throwing your friend off the idea that you are planning a party. Think about this and other plans you friend may have before picking a date!

banner 2Birthday themes are not only for children! Choosing a birthday theme will help keep everything coordinated — from the food to the decorations to the dress code. When choosing the theme, you will also need to consider the time of day you planned your party as well. If you planned a brunch party, you are not going to choose a cocktail party theme. Instead, a garden, tea party theme would fit the time and style better! If you are planning a late night party, something fancier, like a black-tie event could be a great choice.banner 3

The menu at your birthday party does not have to be over the top. Birthday parties are not as formal of events as anniversary parties or corporate events, this means the menu can be more laid back, unless your theme is an elegant dinner party. At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we have in-house chefs that can create the perfect menu for your birthday party. Match it to your theme or just pick some of your favorite meals! Our chefs will be able to make just about all of your favorite options. This also means that you do not have to find a caterer! We also have in-house bartenders, crossing one more thing off of your party planning list.

banner4The next step in planning this amazing birthday party is to book Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge for your date and time. Contact us to book your event! When you choose Amaseena as your birthday party venue, you are sure to enjoy your birthday more than ever before.