Baby Shower Venue

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Congratulations! When you’re welcoming a child into the world, it’s a big deal and worthy of celebrating. Many people simply plan a baby shower at home, however a beautiful event venue makes the celebration more exciting and fun. Not to mention, when you find the right venue, you’re spared the stress of planning every little detail. At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, our space is intimate enough for a party with 10 people, while also large enough for 200 people. Our space is totally yours to create whatever the perfect baby shower looks like to you.

Here are some of our tips to creating the perfect baby shower.


BabyShower_Banners - Choose The Perfect Date

Generally, when it comes to baby showers, they’re held four to six weeks before the baby is set to arrive. Evenings and weekends are usually best, because most people will have work during the weekdays. It’s important to make sure you choose the date enough time in advance to plan out the shower, and mail your invitations three weeks before the shower.


BabyShower_Banners - Decide Where To Hold It

Holding a baby shower in the home of the expecting mother is the traditional approach, but traditional is not always best. Especially when it’s not you that’s having the baby, it’s not always easy to impose on the expecting mother and insist on hosting it in her home. If she is comfortable having it elsewhere, you want to find a venue that is versatile and comfortable. At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we give you the opportunity to create the perfect baby shower for the expecting mother in your life. Not to mention, when you book with us, you have access to our exceptional chefs who will craft a delicious menu for you, the future mom, and all the guests.


BabyShower_Banners - Choose A Theme

Planning any party becomes considerably easier when you decide on a theme. A party theme, especially for a baby shower, doesn’t have to be anything complex. It can be as basic as a color theme, or as specific as “ark animals.” Having a theme helps with food, decorations, even activities to plan.


BabyShower_Banners - Choose A Menu

Some expectant mothers have dietary restrictions, so it’s important to think about the menu of the shower to make sure that your future mom can eat the food, and your guests will enjoy the food. The chefs at Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge will give you, and your guests, a variety of delicious options to choose from.


BabyShower_Banners - Think About Activities

When it comes to a baby shower, keep your activities simple. Depending on the group, if they’re extra chatty, you may not need planned activities. However, it’s always smart to have a couple planned games or activities in your back pocket to fill any downtime. For example, consider getting help from each of the guests to create a book for the mom and baby with pictures, quotes, personal messages, etc.

Make sure your event is perfect, with minimal stress, with Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge. Our banquet hall is the perfect space for intimate gatherings, as well as larger events. With us you’re guaranteed a beautiful space, friendly and accommodating staff, and a great experience. Get in touch with us today.