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Life has so many occasions for celebration. One of the primary celebrations is an anniversary. This can mean anything from a wedding anniversary, to a time of dedicated service at your workplace. Either way, they’re moments that are not meant to be passed by without a celebration. Here at Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we have just what you need to make your anniversary absolutely amazing. With us, you can expect the highest quality service out there. We make sure that not only your celebration goes smoothly, but you have a good time as well. We give you the freedom to focus on celebrating.

Once you decide to plan your anniversary party, it may seem overwhelming trying to plan out every detail. But with Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we’re here to help take one of the biggest parts of planning, the venue, off of your todo list. Here are some of our tips for planning an amazing anniversary party.


Anniverary_Banners - Create A Budget

Any expert party planner knows that a budget is crucial. No one wants to put themselves into debt with the amount they spend on their anniversary party. Your budget will affect every aspect of planning your party such as your venue, the guest list, and the catering. A good practice is to book a venue that includes catering and other amenities in-house. Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge is a great, budget-friendly spot for your anniversary party. Our venue includes an expert chef and bartender that will go above and beyond to meet your needs.


Anniverary_Banners - Consider A Theme

To many people, themes seem tacky. However, setting and sticking with a theme for your anniversary party, even if that theme is the number of years you’ve been married, it will make the party planning process much simpler. It makes it easier to decide everything from the food to the decor.


Anniverary_Banners - Find The Right Venue

The best parties are held at the most accommodating and adaptable venues. Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge is a great choice because our Old Granada luxury banquet hall is the perfect size to hold up to 200 people. Not to mention an accommodating and friendly staff to help you create the perfect party.


Anniverary_Banners - Decide On A MenuSometimes when planning a party, food is a challenge. When it comes to your anniversary, you want to be celebrating and not worrying about preparing food. Make sure your venue has a catering option or a chef. At Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, our chef will provide you and your guests with delicious food options. In addition, you have access to a bartender who will help get the party started.


Anniverary_Banners - Think About Decorations

Don’t forget about decorations! You want to make sure the decorating is suited to the occasion, and at Amaseena Restaurant & Lounge, we allow you to decorate our space how you like. For celebrating your anniversary, consider including photos of you and your partner in the decorations.


Get in touch with us today with any questions you have and to learn more about why our event venue is the perfect space for your next anniversary party.

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